Seattle Mandarin Guide 2019 西雅图中文生活方式指南

Discover the best of living and working in Seattle and on the Eastside with the new issue of Seattle Luxury Living, a Mandarin guide to living well in the Puget Sound region.

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From this Issue

From the Seattle magazine team, a regional introduction for international newcomers

虽然我们这座可爱的城市中流行防水透气 (Gore-tex) 的衣服和休闲舒适 (hygge) 类型的鞋子,但事实总非如此。这些奢美的作品证明,迷人之魅惑在太平洋西北地区也占一席之地。Our fair city is known for gortex and hygge-forward footwear, but this isn’t always the case. These luxe pieces prove that glamour is alive and well in the PNW.

本地最奢华餐厅揭幕非同寻常的私人宴会体验 The swankiest joint in town unveils an unusual private dining experience

游轮旅游受人青睐,前所未有。本文为您解析:为何西雅图港乘坐游轮出行的人数以及游轮数达到历史新高。Cruising has never been a more glamorous way to travel. Here’s why a record number of passengers -- and ships — are docking at the Port of Seattle.

拔地而起的产权公寓、豪华的出租公寓和宽敞的联排别墅, 构建更加活力四射的城市生活。Soaring condos, luxe apartments and spacious townhomes open the door to vibrant urban living

人们说太平洋西北区的前程光明灿烂。 以下这些亮闪闪的珠宝可以为此佐证。 They say the future is bright for the Pacific Northwest. Here is the bling to prove it.

这些令人垂涎的男装必备品,对时尚前卫的绅士们至关重要。These coveted menswear staples are essential for the fashion-forward gentleman.

卓越优秀的西雅图艺术机构获得当地人首肯、并且享誉全球 These Seattle arts institutions have earned not just local, but worldwide, recognition for excellence

新“现代主义烹饪”(Modernist Cuisine) 画廊高调展示Nathan Myhrvold空灵超然的美食摄影 The new Modernist Cuisine gallery shows off the otherworldly food photography of Nathan Myhrvold

母女二人组在美国传播中国时尚和文化 Mother and daughter duo bring Chinese fashion and culture to the U.S.