The matchup between the Seattle Seahawks and the Pittsburgh Steelers felt just about as tense on Sunday as it did 10 years ago when they faced each other in Super Bowl XL. With yesterday's win, the 'Hawks stay alive in the 2015 playoff hunt. 

The three most important players for the Seattle Seahawks Sunday in their lopsided win over rival San Francisco 49ers were Russell Wilson, Tyler Lockett and Thomas Rawls, three offensive players aged 26, 23 and 22, respectively. 

Entering Sunday’s Seahawks game there were a lot of questions surrounding the team. After the game, we had our answers. Sort of.

We have a question: Where is cornerback Richard Sherman? 

After Sunday’s stunning Seahawks loss to the Carolina Panthers at the Clink, I posted the accompanying picture (above) on Facebook and Twitter with saying that it reflected the “interior weather” of Seahawks fans. The likes began to pour in.

American Express and the Seattle Seahawks are celebrating their new partnership with Blue Friday, a program that provides benefits and exclusive events for card members and fans.

It was a day of firsts for the Seattle Seahawks Sunday – the team got its first interception of the season (Earl Thomas) and first rushing touchdown (Thomas Rawls) and COULD HAVE GOTTEN THEIR FIRST ROAD WIN BECAUSE THEY WERE WINNING 24-7 IN THE FO

No team in the NFL is perfect and that includes the Seattle Seahawks. Some teams are weak at quarterback, some have no depth at wide receiver. Some teams have no pass rush and others wasted top draft picks on players that haven’t panned out.

There are points in a season where everything can turn. Monday night, Detroit Lions superstar wide receiver Calvin Johnson (a.k.a.

!--paging_filter--pIs yoga one of the secrets to the Seahawks’ success?