Seattle waterfront

The Closed-Door Deal Affecting Seattle’s Waterfront for Years to Come

Transit advocates aren't happy about the terms of the unusual deal.

Leslie Smith of the Alliance for Pioneer Square has successfully advocated for a narrower waterfront roadway.

Erica C. Barnett

White Swan Public House and 100 Pound Clam: Seafood With Views, Too

Inventive waterfront seafood dining, courtesy of the folks from Matt's in the Market

Bone marrow “Kilpatrik”: smoked oyster, bacon, Worcestershire, bread crumbs, garlic puree

Chelsea Lin

How the Name ‘Alaskan Way’ Came to Be (Hint: it Took Awhile)

Our revamped waterfront will need a new name. Should Seattle reconsider ‘Cosmos Quay'?’

Sometime after 2020, Seattle will wake up to a spanking new waterfront. Assuming Bertha finishes her work, the Alaskan Way…

Seattle Mag

What’s Next for the Seattle Waterfront? Get a Preview at a Public Meeting Thursday Night

The event will feature a preview of proposed design plans, plus food (to buy) and live music

While politicians, judges and activists argue over all things tunnel, planners are busily imagining what a post-Viaduct Seattle waterfront will look…

Seattle Mag

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