24 Reasons We Love Seattle Right Now

The days may be darker and wetter this time of year, but there’s no shortage of ways to spend them

Clockwise from top left: Redmond Work & Western Wear; fried chicken Wednesdays at Bookstore Bar; Seattle Pinball Museum; Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park; Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar

Sheila Cain, Jim Demetre, Lara Hale, Ryan Kindel, Madeline Lootens, A.J. Rathbun, Jessica Yadegaran

Does Shanik Live up to the Hype?

With Shanik now open in SLU, is the legendary Vij's still worth the trip?

The anticipation began a year ago when word leaked that Meeru Dhalwala had plans to open a sibling restaurant in…

Seattle Mag

Updated: Election Parties? We’ll Drink To That!

No matter how this election turns out, most people are ready to celebrate the end of a bitter, seemingly endless…

Seattle Mag

UPDATE: Neighborhood Farmers Markets Extend Season!

It was a miserably cool, long, neverending, agonizing spring. We’ve all recovered; those few weeks of 80 degrees were especially appreciated…

Seattle Mag

Food Event: Catch a “Bizarre Foods” Taping in Seattle and Get a Taste of “Black Gold”

Coffee heads take note: Seattle Coffee Works is serving up FREE samples of Columbia Cup of Excellenc

Coffee heads take note: Seattle Coffee Works is serving up FREE samples of Colombia Cup of Excellence–a coffee that typically…

Seattle Mag

Better Late Than Never: Local Summer Camps Still Waiting to be Filled

With your schedule jam-packed and your calendar exploding, we don’t blame you for missing the deadline to sign your kid…

Sarai Dominguez

Explore Seattle’s Urban Architectural Ruins

Eight relics of Seattle’s past are hidden in plain sight.

In this town, we spend a lot of time fretting (and arguing and voting) about what the Seattle of the…

3063Cayla Lambier

Dream Big: Seattle Mag Wants to Hear Your Big Idea For Improving Seattle

We want to hear what your one big dream is for Seattle. Share it and we might publish it!

What if you were in charge of Seattle—and had unlimited funds? What one single thing would you do to improve…

Seattle Mag

Revel: Genius Food In a Silvery Sleek Space

Allison Austin Scheff gives nod to another spectacular winner from Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi.

Sometimes, it’s easy to fall into “other city” envy. What’s not to like about Portland’s utopian indie scene, Vancouver’s dim…

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