Seattle Listed as #1 City for Chinese Homebuyers

FutureCast Forum members outline the top ten reasons why Seattle is so popular.

Sponsored by Realogics, Inc. Ni Hao, Seattle! We’re number one in the eyes of mainland Chinese homebuyers exploring overseas investment…

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The Workplace Renaissance: Designing Spaces for Workers, Not Work

Office design is changing for the better with companies like Seattle’s ATLAS Workbase leading the way.


Bill Sechter, CEO ATLAS Workbase

10 Game-Changing Policies and Drivers Affecting Development in the Puget Sound

William Hillis, Broker & Research Editor at Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty breaks down what this means for the future of Seattle and its surroundings.

Sponsored by Realogics, Inc. Perhaps it’s living together in a place of such abundant beauty and economic opportunity that brings out…

William Hillis, Broker & Research Editor at Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty

Millennials Do Want to Own Homes in Seattle, But Can They?

How a progressive mortgage lender is catering to the city's unique real estate micro-climate to make homeownership possible.

Sponsored by Realogics, Inc. The assumption that Millennials prefer renting is a myth, according to a recently released 2017 Zillow Group…

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A Great Liquidation Event: Predicting the Future of Real Estate as Baby Boomers Retire

FutureCast Forum member and wealth manager, Brian Evans, road-maps the opportunity for Delaware Statutory Trusts allowing landlords to divest, diversify and downsize in retirement.

Sponsored by Realogics, Inc. About 76 million American children were born between 1946 and 1964 and some 10,000 of these folks…

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Seattle’s Scorching Housing Market Joining the Ranks of Global Cities

Market experts share their opinions on Seattle's meteoric future as a global city on the rise.

The burgeoning East Village of downtown Seattle where dozens of high-rise projects are in planning and development including NEXUS (front and center) – currently the only new condominium amidst a sea of apartments.

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Questions Industry Leaders Are Asking About the Future of Seattle and Bellevue

Realogics' FutureCast Forum sparks conversation about Seattle and Bellevue’s trajectory into 2020 and beyond.

Sponsored by Realogics, Inc. On September 26th more than 400 registered guests joined industry thought-leaders during BISNOW’s 2017 “State of the…

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The FutureCast Forum: Experts Discuss the Evolution of Seattle and Bellevue

Realogics has assembled market prognosticators to discuss emerging trends and projected growth of the Seattle/Bellevue metro area by 2020 and beyond.

Photos courtesy of Realogics, Inc.

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