Four New Locally-Made Board Games

Keep guests entertained with board games created by local companies.

By Taneeka Hansen


November 13, 2012

This article originally appeared in the December 2012 issue of Seattle Magazine.

In this high seas sequel to Bellevue-based Calliope Games’ artful Tsuro: The Game of the Path, players strive to stay on the board by laying down tiles to create wake-paths to follow (like an oceangoing cousin of 1980s gamer fave Master Labyrinth). Beware: An opponent’s skillfully placed tile could sail your ship off the world’s edge. Ages 8 and older. $40.

Negotiate, explore and colonize space, all in the name of profit (and saving Earth from destruction). The first release from West Seattle’s Break From Reality Games combines the capitalist pleasures of Monopoly with the sci-fi thrills of Battlestar Galactica, and is rife with spaceships, wormholes and greedy CEOs. Ages 11 and older. $60.

This creative mash-up of a high school horror and old-school magic was created by Lynnwood resident Peter Newland. Download and print the free board and cards, then roll the dice to plunge your players into a spell-charged dodgeball match. Ages 8 and older. Free.

From Catalyst Game Labs, this medieval match of strategic domination might just be the new chess, with elegant double-sided wooden tiles that change the movement capability of the pieces with each turn. The real game won’t be on shelves until February, but you can print a complete paper version now to whet your appetite. Ages 13 and older.


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