Glam up Your Outfit With These Local and Luxe Pieces 华丽小分队:国际大牌和西雅图本土设计奢华服饰争相斗艳、闪亮登场

虽然我们这座可爱的城市中流行防水透气 (Gore-tex) 的衣服和休闲舒适 (hygge) 类型的鞋子,但事实总非如此。这些奢美的作品证明,迷人之魅惑在太平洋西北地区也占一席之地。Our fair city is known for gortex and hygge-forward footwear, but this isn’t always the case. These luxe pieces prove that glamour is alive and well in the PNW.

选择一双精致的凉鞋来宠爱自己一回。这款来自Christian Louboutin的“Sandale Du Desert Flower Power”高跟凉鞋,既能在办公室里引起骚动,也能在筹款晚会上让人发出“哇赛”的惊叹;售价895美元。Neiman Marcus有售 Bellevue, 11111 NE 8th St.; 425.452.3300; 

Totokaelo无可挑剔的精选货架,是太平洋西北地区所有时尚爱好者的必去之处。在它高端时尚货区架里就有这款巴黎世家Balenciaga的黑白双排扣夹克(裤子单卖),融合了现代运动装美学和无可挑剔的剪裁;售价2,650美元Totokaelo有售, Capitol Hill, 1523 10th Ave.; 844.868.6523; 

我们城市的天气变幻无常,一件上佳的外套是全年必备。Peserico的全棉外套,中长款剪裁,深腮红色,适合春秋两季;售价561美元。Butch Blum有售,市中心, 1332 6th Ave.; 206.622.5760;  

Maison Margiela的“Tabi”靴子面世距今已有30多年了,但其标志性的身影有望在今年回归。这季新款的灵感来自日本的jika-tabi忍者分趾工作靴,采用金色金属色皮革制成,适合晚装造型;售价995美元。Totokaelo有售Capitol Hill, 1523 10th Ave.; 844.868.6523; 

20年来,来自世界各地的女士们纷纷涌向Luly Yang在市中心的展厅,沉迷在她奢美华丽、精雕细琢的作品之中。您可以选择这位著名设计师来量身定做一件原创作品、或特别订购她的高度概念化的系列设计,如这件采用绉纱和绉背缎拼接而成的“Apollo”礼服;售价4,200美元。Luly Yang有售,市中心,1218 4th Ave; 206.623.8200; 

在Nordstrom备受赞誉的设计师鞋专区选择一双高跟鞋,展现你内心里的Carrie Bradshaw (《欲望城市》里的凯莉)。来自Manolo Blahnik闪闪发光的“Leona”裸粉色露跟鞋, 可轻松搭配牛仔类服饰、或让您的晚装look更上一层楼;售价1,155美元。Nordstrom有售,The Bellevue Collection, 100 Bellevue Square; 425.455.5800;

Glam Squad

Do yourself a favor and indulge in a pair of chic sandals that will make a splash in the office or “wow” at your next fundraising gala. Like the “Sandale Du Desert Flower Power” heel, $895, from Christian Louboutin. 

A visit to explore Totokaelo’s impeccably curated collection is a must for any Pacific Northwest fashion enthusiast. Among their high fashion offerings is this black and white double-breasted jacket (pants sold separately), $2,650, by Balenciaga that balances a modern sportswear aesthetic with impeccable tailoring. Available at Totokaelo, Capitol Hill, 1523 10th Ave.; 844.868.6523; 

Our fair city’s fickle weather means that owning a stylish coat is a year-round must. Peserico’s cotton trench, $1,495, transitions easily between spring and fall with its midi-length cut and dark blush color. Available at Butch Blum, downtown, 1332 6th Ave.; 206.622.5760; 

While Maison Margiela’s Tabi” boot debuted more than 30 years ago, the iconic silhouette is poised to make a serious comeback this year. Inspired by the split toe Japanese jika-tabi work boots, this season’s version, $995, is made with gold metallic leather for an evening-forward look. Available at Totokaelo, Capitol Hill, 1523 10th Ave; 844.868.6523;

Women from around the world visit Luly Yang’s downtown showroom to indulge in her luxurious, sculpted creations for nearly two decades, where they can commission an original piece from the award-winning designer or special order a design from her highly conceptual collections such as the “Apollo” gown, $4,200, designed with crepe and crepe back satin. Available at Luly Yang, downtown, 1218 4th Ave; 206.623.8200; 

Channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw by slipping into a pair of heels from Nordstrom’s well-regarded designer shoe collection. The sparkling “Leona” blush slingback, $1,155, by Manolo Blahnik are easily paired with denim or will take your evening look to the next level. Available at Nordstrom, The Bellevue Collection, 100 Bellevue Square; 425.455.5800; 

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