The Luxe Fashion Accessories Every PNW Man Needs 风流名士:美国太平洋西北地区男装必备品

这些令人垂涎的男装必备品,对时尚前卫的绅士们至关重要。These coveted menswear staples are essential for the fashion-forward gentleman.

住在太平洋西北地区,一双实用的靴子是衣柜必备,但这并不意味着和时尚冲突。来自加拿大维多利亚Viberg的Asphalt Horsebutt布洛克 (Brogue) 靴子,采用了隐藏式鞋带眼和圆蜡鞋带设计,是不错的选择;售价775美元。Division Road独家有售, Pioneer Square, 536 1st Ave.; 206.755.0215;

世界各地的手表爱好者一致认为百达翡丽代表了优质制表的精髓。该品牌的“万年历”系列采用了极简主义表盘和精致的白金外壳;售价47,900美元。Turgeon Raine有售,市中心,1407 5th Ave.; 206.447.9488,

Hugo Boss 是精致裁剪和精益求精的代名词。这家德国时尚品牌的特点是线条摩登、设计简约;这款浅灰色皮包自然也不列外;售价1,995美元。Hugo Boss 有售,Bellevue Collection, 109 Bellevue Square Ste #109; 425.453.4845;

一对引人注目的袖扣,可为绅士们的灰色正装添加一抹亮色,如同出自伦敦的Tateossian的旋转火箭袖扣(售价295美元)和“地球仪”袖扣(售价465美元)。David Lawrence有售, Bellevue, The Shops at the Bravern, 700 110th Avenue NE; 425.688.1669;

如果您厌倦了标准的棕黑色鞋袜,Alden的这款Shell cordovan手工缝制礼服鞋,可能正是您在寻找的答案。随着时间的推移,令人趋之若鹜的皮革会根据您的脚形而塑形;而且经典的设计和稍微偏红的颜色也非常引人注目;售价799美元。Brick + Mortar有售,市中心,1210 4th Ave.; 206.588.2770;

90年代风尚席卷时尚界已有几季,想要展现那个年代中您最喜欢的时尚单品,现在就是最佳时间。如Fendi的此款压纹皮革腰包,绝对是忙碌生活的完美伴侣;售价1,290美元。The Shops at The Bravern 的Neiman Marcus有售,Bellevue, 11111 NE 8th St.; 425.452.3300;

几十年来,手表一直是绅士衣橱中的必备单品。如果您希望腕部动作更加潇洒,可以考虑积家 (Jaeger-LeCoultre) 的月相系列(Rendez-Vous Moon) 腕表,钻石镶嵌,犹如点点优雅的月光掠过表盘;售价15,200美元。Alvin Goldfarb Jeweler有售,Bellevue, 305
Bellevue Way NE; 425.454.9393;

Of Vice and Men

Watch aficionados from around the world have long regarded Patek Phillippe as the quintessence of quality watch making. The brand’s “Annual Calendar” style, $47,900, features a minimalist face with exquisite white gold casing. Available at Turgeon Raine, downtown, 1407 5th Ave; 206.447.9488, 

Hugo Boss is a name synonymous with refined tailoring and precise attention to detail. This light grey leather bag from the German fashion house, $1,995, is no exception with its modern lines minimalist design. Available at Hugo Boss, Bellevue Collection, 109 Bellevue Square Ste #109; 425.453.4845; 

Gents looking to add some pizzazz to their oh-so-grey formal wear should keep a couple of eye-catching cufflinks on hand, literally. Like these rotating rocket cufflinks, $295, and “Globe cage” cufflinks, $465, both by London-based Tateossian. Available at David Lawrence, Bellevue, The Shops at the Bravern, 700 110th Avenue NE; 425.688.1669;  

If you are tired of switching between your standard brown and black footwear, these Shell cordovan handsewn dress shoes, $799, by Alden might be the answer you are looking for. The leather molds to the shape of your feet over time while the classic design and reddish color will turn heads. Available at Brick + Mortar, downtown, 1210 4th Ave.; 206.588.2770; 

With a 90s revival continuing to sweep the fashion world, there has never been a better time to sport your favorite statement pieces from that decade. Case in point: Fendi’s embossed leather fanny pack, $1,290, is the perfect companion for life on the go. Available at Neiman Marcus at The Shops at The Bravern, Bellevue, 11111 NE 8th St.; 425.452.3300; 

For decades, a watch has been an essential piece in a gentleman’s wardrobe. Freshen up your wrist action with the Rendez-Vous Moon timepiece, $15,200, by Jaeger-LeCoultre, set with diamonds and an elegantly designed moon that glides over the watch face. Available at Alvin Goldfarb Jeweler, Bellevue, 305 Bellevue Way NE; 425.454.9393; 

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