Seattle's Dog Obsession Is Reaching a Whole New Level

The very good dogs around here attend social events and have their own gelato
Any dog can have ice cream; make your dog’s day and treat him or her to artisan, pup-friendly gelato

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To say that Seattle is merely fond of dogs would be an understatement. From our dog-friendly bars, breweries and buses to canine-specific massage, acupuncture, psychics and yoga classes—or rather, doga classes—there’s no shortage of ways to pamper your pooch in the Emerald City, including these:

Beer with benefits: At Capitol Hill’s Optimism Brewing Co. (Capitol Hill, 1158 Broadway; 206.651.5429), the four-footed customers flock to the heated concrete floors, as though made for them.

Cold comfort: Launched in December, online dog treat company Swell Gelato (various locations; 214.957.8504) offers all-natural, artisan frozen treats for dogs. Pup-ular favorites include banana peanut butter, sweet potato molasses and pumpkin cheddar.

Parties with paws: Grab your fur baby bestie for one of CityDog Magazine’s (206.762.0643) quarterly “Muttmixers,” social events for dog lovers, where attendees can mingle over cocktails and cocker spaniels at swanky Seattle hotels. 


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