Six Must-Try, Northwest-Style Eggs Benedicts

Twists on the eggy classic you’ll find only in the Northwest

By Allison Austin Scheff, Leslie Kelly and Paul Zitarelli January 20, 2014


This article originally appeared in the January 2014 issue of Seattle Magazine.

!–paging_filter–pstrongDungeness Benedict at Tilikum Place Cafe/strongbrThis is Washington translated into brunch: impeccably poached eggs nestled in sweet Dungeness crab with warm spinach on a toasted English muffin, topped with chef Ba Culbert’s luscious hollandaise sauce (about $15, depending on availability and market prices). You won’t taste anything like it anywhere else. Downtown/Denny Triangle, 407 Cedar St.; 206.282.4830;a href=”” target=”_blank” A.A.S.brbrstrongimg src=”/sites/default/files/newfiles/georgian–fairmont-7950.jpg” style=”float: left; margin: 10px;” width=”400″ height=”266″Smoked Salmon Benedict at The Georgian /strongbrTender brioche, toasted on the griddle, is the base for luxurious Benedict ($19) at The Fairmont Olympic Hotel’s Georgian Restaurant. A layer of house-smoked salmon is placed on top, followed by thick and lovely tomato hollandaise; two organic eggs poached to perfection gild the lily—a celebratory brunch indeed. Downtown, 411 University St.; 206.621.1700; a href=”” target=”_blank” A.A.S. brbrstrongVeggie Benedict at The Grange Cafe /strongbrVegetables just taste better out in farm country. Take the sautéed veggies on the Benedict at Duvall’s great Grange Cafe as evidence: peppers, onions, squash and mushrooms under soft poached eggs and on a house-made buttermilk biscuit with lemony hollandaise washing over it ($12.95). Ham, shmam. Duvall, 15611 Main St.; 425.788.2095; a href=”” target=”_blank”; A.A.S. brbrimg src=”/sites/default/files/newfiles/0114-glos-3167.jpg” style=”float: right; margin: 10px;” width=”400″ height=”266″strongEggs Californian at Glo’s/strongbrThe buttery avocado smashed onto the toasted English muffins means you’ll hardly miss the traditional ham on this Benedict ($13.45). The luxe hollandaise, buoyed by a bright note of citrus, is the best in the city. Expect to wait for a table in this wildly popular, walk-in-closet-size café. Capitol Hill, 1621 E Olive Way; 206.324.2577;a href=”” target=”_blank” L.K. brbrstrongCrab Benedict at Cafe Nola/strongbrCafe Nola has a series of excellent Benedicts, but the crab Benedict ($22) is queen. When the dish arrives tableside, the most delicious shell game begins. Atop a split English muffin, two orbs rest quietly under their gauzy veils of hollandaise. What are they? Cutting into two reveals a pair of perfectly poached eggs. The deep orange yolks escape slowly, like broken lava lamps. Cutting into the third reveals a densely packed pile of succulent, toothsome crab meat. Bainbridge Island, 101 Winslow Way E; 206.842.3822; a href=”” target=”_blank” P.Z.brbrstrongimg src=”/sites/default/files/newfiles/0114_bravehorsebenny.jpg” style=”float: left; margin: 10px;” width=”400″ height=”266″Brave Horse Tavern Benedict /strongbrA toasted Dahlia Bakery English muffin is this Benedict’s base, which is topped with house-made smoked ham, two gently poached eggs, all smothered in a smoky chipotle hollandaise with a heck of a kick ($13). Good morning! South Lake Union, 310 Terry Ave. N; 206.971.0717; a href=”” target=”_blank”bravehorsetavern.comnbsp;/a A.A.S./p


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