South Lake Union

New South Lake Union Coffee Shop Wants to Connect Tech Workers, Homeless and Everyone in Between

Seattle Coffee Works' newest location looks to fit a neighborhood in transition.

Cascade Coffee Works is now making sweet latte art in South Lake Union.

Chelsea Lin

Should Amazon Cover Costs of Intern Bus Crowding?

As the tech giant continues to expand, increased commuters could further strain King County Metro.

Amazon’s intern program contributed to overcrowded buses on Route 70.

Erica C. Barnett

Mbar Has the Perfect Sunset Cocktail Nicki Minaj Would Approve Of

At the South Lake Union hotspot, an intriguing spice mix updates the classic sidecar.

From his 14th floor perch in South Lake Union, Mbar’s Jon Clark puts a Mediterranean spin on the classics.

AJ Rathbun

Seattle’s Apartment Boom Offers New Living Options

As it transforms neighborhoods, Seattle’s apartment boom offers a surplus of options like rooftop gardens, chicken coops and more

Apartment-dwellers in South Lake Union’s six-story Amli can enjoy the 3,000 square foot rooftop garden

Sheila Cain

Next-Level Apartment Amenities

With so many apartment complexes competing for tenants, developers are getting creative when it comes to amenities. “We are absolutely…

Seattle Mag

Food We Love: Bar Harbor

The Connecticut-style lobster roll at Bar Harbor in South Lake Union

Chelsea Lin

Verde & Co. Florist Meridith Isaacson’s Artful Green Thumb

We chat with local floral designer Meridith Isaacson about Valentine's Day, aka the "floral Olympics," sustainability in the industry and more

Meridith Isaacson of Verde & Co.

Kasee Bailey

Amazon, South Lake Union: Tech, Business and Art, Too

“There Is Another Sky,” 2014, by Spencer Finch

Jim Demetre

In Which We Take a Tour of Amazon’s Headquarters

What did you expect? Books?

In Amazon’s Van Vorst Building, techies relax in easy-chairs and dogs saunter through the lobby

David Volk