South Lake Union

Cooking Classes to Spice Up Your Kitchen

Learn how to add excitement to your at-home meals

“The best thing in the world is when someone makes you dinner,” says Bonny Giardina, studio manager at Hipcooks, a…

Chelsea Lin

The Center for Wooden Boats Celebrates its 40th Anniversary

This historic Lake Union gem totally floats our boat

At The Center for Wooden Boats’ (CWB) annual Wooden Boat Festival, set for Independence Day weekend, July 2–4, explore the…

Haley Durslag

Center for Wooden Boats Launches Happy Hour

Monthly events offer the chance to enjoy cocktails, food and music on the docks at SLU

For 40 years, the Center for Wooden Boats (CWB) has been a gathering spot for boat enthusiasts and wannabe sailors—and…

Haley Durslag

Life in the Clouds: Cirrus High Rise Ready for Residents

The latest luxury dwelling to rise in SLU is stocked with every imaginable extra

Sponsored by Windsor Communities For the last decade, South Lake Union has led Seattle’s transformation and growth. With it came…

Seattle Mag

Does Shanik Live up to the Hype?

With Shanik now open in SLU, is the legendary Vij's still worth the trip?

The anticipation began a year ago when word leaked that Meeru Dhalwala had plans to open a sibling restaurant in…

Seattle Mag

Marie & Frères Passion Fruit Pops

A show-stopper snack in South Lake Union.

In the oh-so-civilized space that once housed chocolatier extraordinaire Claudio Corallo, Marie & Frères lives on in similar, elegant style….

Seattle Mag


People-pleasing Italian food with an artisanal touch: pastas made with a delicate hand and vegetable

It’s the crown jewel of Tom Douglas’ trio of restaurants in his refurbished South Lake Union brick warehouse tucked beneath…

Seattle Mag

Reviews: Flying Fish, Marjorie & Fatty’s Corner

Allison Austin Scheff reviews what's new in Seattle dining scene

Flying Fish Owner/chef Christine Keff’s Flying Fish, which opened in Belltown way back in 1995, built a reputation on great…

Allison Austin Scheff

Urban Safari: Denny Triangle

Whatever its name, the 'hood is home to a trove of new businesses along Westlake Avenue and a fresh

Denny Triangl The little slice of Seattle wedged between South Lake Union and downtown, anchored by Whole Foods beneath the…

Eran Afner

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