Starbucks Roastery Pastries Just Got a Serious Upgrade

The Seattle coffee giant debuts a new menu from Italian bakery Princi today.

This is big news even if you’re not a gold-card-carrying Starbucks fanatic: Today, the coffee company’s stunning Capitol Hill Roastery…

Chelsea Lin and Dan Shafer

Starbucks Rolls Out New Coffee Drink With Beef Jerky in Seattle

The new eyebrow-raising drink is only available in Seattle.

Start your day with a little jerky java?

Megan Lamb

Starbucks’ New Lunch Menu Launching in Seattle, No More Sad Paninis

Seattle's coffee empire hits refresh on its lunch offerings.

Worship at the altar of the green goddess salad.

Chelsea Lin

The Hypocrisy of Taxing Sugar in Sugartown

Seattle is a city built on Cinnamon Dolce Lattes.

They may take our “soda tax” money, but they will never take our Cinnamon Dolce Lattes!

Knute Berger

11 Local Cafes Participating in ACLU Fundraiser This Weekend

It literally couldn’t be easier to help out

The Smoke-Ah Mocha at Slate Coffee’s U-District shop features Askinosie chocolate and is topped with smoked sea salt. Go!

Chelsea Lin

Bellevue’s University Bookstore to Close, but the East Side Keeps Its Edge

Bellevue is in many ways more “urban” than Seattle now—certainly, it’s racially more diverse, which is complete flip from the white-bread suburbs of the ‘60s and ‘70s

Berger supervising a photo shoot of Bill Gates and Brian “The Boz” Bosworth in 1988

Knute Berger

50 Things Seattle Gave the World

Looking back on 50 years of Seattle magazine (an evolution that started with Pacific Search, see “The 50-year Evolution of Seattle…

Niki Stojnic

Starbucks Roastery Unveils New Cold Drinks for Summer

Spoiler alert: Ice cream is involved

I scream. You scream. In Seattle, we all scream for coffee. But just in time for summer’s warmer temps, Starbucks…

Seattle Mag

Seattle Coffee Guide: Starbucks and Tully’s

The Changing Face of Starbucks After being shunned by the cool kids for seeming too corporate, Starbucks wants to be…

Matthew Amster-Burton

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