The Stranger's Genius Awards Shortlist Announced

This year's Genius Awards shortlist includes several Seattle mag Spotlight Award winners
| Updated: November 27, 2018

Congrats to the 15 local artists on The Stranger's shortlist for the Genius Awards (released today)! I'm a big fan of this year's list—especially since in past years Seattle mag has selected several of the Genius nominees as winners of our own Spotlight Award. The Genius winners won't be announced until September 22, but meanwhile, you can read up on a few of the nominees via the previous profiles I've written... of contemporary dance goddess Zoe Scofield (2008 Spotlight Award), animator extraordinaire Drew Christie (2010 Spotlight Award), and indie filmmaking star Megan Griffiths (2011 Spotlight Award). Also, in 2010, we named music nominee TheeSatisfaction Seattle's best new hip-hop band (here's why), and called out artist, designer and environmental visionary Sarah Bergmann for her Pollinator Pathway. In other words, we agree: Seattle is swarming with artistic geniuses and they deserve all the awards they can rack up.

See The Stranger's full list of nominees.