25 Most Influential People in Seattle 2020

These innovators took bold actions and big risks during a trying year

First, Laura Clise; Second, Omari Salisbury; Third, Chris Murray; Fourth, Colleen Echohawk


Donald Trump Averages Five Lies Per Day, Seattle-Based Website Finds

Since the 2016 election, the crowd-sourced Presterity website has tracked Trump administration falsehoods.

Following the 2016 presidential election, Seattle web designer Jan Miksovsky, and some of his former Microsoft co-workers, created Presterity, a crowd-sourced website designed to sort fake news from—well—fake news where Trump administration claims and actions are concerned. As Trump’s inaugural anniversary nears, what have been the site’s biggest reveals? “They run the gamut from incredibly…


New Travel Startup Makes Finding ADA-Friendly Hotels a Breeze

A Western Washington University alum's bright idea is helping travelers who use a wheelchair find the right accommodations.

Western Washington University grad Daman Wandke started AbiliTrek to provide comprehensive information about hotel accessibility and amenities for those with disabilities. His motivation? Wandke uses a wheelchair and once traveled for work as a website accessibility consultant, frequently discovering that hotels do a poor job clearly stating what needs they can accommodate. “Hotels are required to…


Seattle’s New Transplants Want a Different City Than Newcomers of Old

Nearly half of King County's newest residents think they'll be gone in five years.

The idea of Seattle escapism has given way to urban growth and techie careerism.


How Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg Found Life After Her Husband’s Death

The author and social media executive spoke at Seattle's Moore Theatre this week.

Sheryl Sandberg speaking at a tech conference in 2008.


Create Your Perfect Travel Itinerary with New Seattle-based Site

A new Seattle-based website helps you create an unforgettable trip

Seeing iconic landmarks and historical sites is part of the allure of travel, but often it’s the little things—the hidden gems that don’t appear in guidebooks or brochures—that make a trip unforgettable. Sharing those lucky finds and personal experiences is the inspiration behind Jrrny (, a website launched in February by local entrepreneur (and former…


Aktionsart Unifies Art and Tech

The nonprofit organization supports projects where the two disciplines intersect

Julia Fryett, the director of Aktionsart, moved through the dark, graffiti-covered corridors of an abandoned school on Westlake Avenue in South Lake Union last fall. Wearing a black raincoat and holding a cup of coffee in her hand, she spoke about her current project. It was the last day the nonprofit organization would occupy the…


Seattle-based Glowforge is Sculpting the Future

Just don’t call the laser cutter/engraver a 3-D printer

Seattle startup Glowforge smashed crowdfunding records in the fall of 2015, raising almost $28 million (the original target was $100,000) in 30 days. But what the heck is it? Although it’s been referred to as a 3-D printer, the product is actually a laser cutter/engraver, says Dan Shapiro, Glowforge’s CEO and cofounder. Whereas 3-D printers…


Pushing Buttons

A local tech innovation takes the idea of classic medical alert devices and gives them a trendy wearable tech update. The React Sidekick is a Bluetooth gadget that looks like your car key fob and clips on your clothing, bag, or anywhere else; it pairs with the company’s phone app, React Mobile, to help you…


Tracking Rays With an App

We love our Seattle summers, but fret about all that sudden intense sun exposure. Enter Brightly, an app created by Seattle startup ARO that monitors your sun exposure. Enter your location and skin tone and the program does the rest, letting you know things like when it’s time to get shade, reapply sunscreen. Users can…


Weight Loss Tracking Tools

!–paging_filter–pNumerous research studies show that journaling and tracking daily activity doubles your chances of success in weight loss, so when it comes to creating a healthier lifestyle, technology can be your BFF. There are many popular apps that help you track nutrition and exercise and offer rewards as well as peer support and motivation. Many…


Get It Now, Affordable Courier Service, Launches in Seattle

Lunchtime at the Seattle mag offices can be a little painful. We spend so much time writing about and photographing gorgeous, gourmet food; but around our SoDo HQ, lunchtime dining options are limited. More often than not, tight deadlines (and a little bit of a laziness) find us calling Jimmy John’s but secretly wishing we…

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