The Best Of Seattle’s Classic Dishes

The Best Of Seattle’s Classic Dishes

From salmon to teriyaki to the famous Seattle Dog

Seattle is known for many things, and some of them are not great. We’re looking at you, drizzling mist. Thanks a heap for the rainy reputation. Thankfully, when it comes to food, this great Pacific Northwest city has quite an edible bounty to call our own. From seafood caught in local waters to iconic hot dogs eaten…

Restaurant Review: Seattle’s Best Teriyaki

So, The New York Times thinks teriyaki spots constitute quintessential Seattle dining? Fine. Here

“I never eat teriyaki.” This is the food equivalent of the common Seattle “I don’t own a TV” mating call. Well, I would never miss Gossip Girl, and I eat teriyaki. Unironically. (OK, I’m not sure how you eat lunch ironically, but I know people who could pull it off.) When John T. Edge called…

The Foodie's Blind Spot

The Foodie’s Blind Spot

Seattle mag food editor Allison Austin Scheff reconciles her struggle with eating only sustainable,

In January, seattle magazine’s Grey Matters columnist Knute Berger aired our dirty teriyaki-loving laundry all over the front page of The New York Times food section, when he was quoted in an article on Seattle’s love of teriyaki thusly: “Seattle likes to talk about local foods, about ridiculous things like fiddlehead coulis. Seattle yuppies love…

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