With ‘Head Over Heels,’ ArtsWest Go-Goes for Broke

Add New Wave hits to a sexually updated Elizabethan comedy and the result is... a bit of a mess

The most winning thing about Head Over Heels, the 2015 musical now running at ArtsWest, is the matter-of-factness with which book…

Gavin Borchert

A ‘Beautiful’ Debut at Seattle’s Can Can Culinary Cabaret

Singer Renee Holiday, née Shaprece, is back in town to share a story of transformation with Seattle audiences

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Renee Holiday. Deep in the plush crimson grotto that is the Can Can Culinary Cabaret in…

Gemma Wilson

Solving a Problem Like ‘Miss Saigon’

Should we keep reviving the smash-hit musical, set in the final days of the Vietnam War?

Emily Bautista and Anthony Festa as lead characters Kim and Chris in ‘Miss Saigon’

Gemma Wilson

‘Dracula’ at ACT: How Does a Play About Blood Turn Out So Bloodless?

Steven Dietz’s new adaptation of the horror classic seems to have unintentionally landed on comedy

Watching Dracula, with a neckline cut to his navel, suck dry the tube of an old-timey transfusion machine is undeniably…

Gemma Wilson

The Gregorys: How Seattle’s Theater Awards Work and Why They Matter

This annual party is an important part of an artistic ecosystem, and you’re invited

Theatre Puget Sound staff from the 2018 Gregory Awards. From left to right: Libby Barnard, Shane Regan, Ariel Bradler, Keiko Green, Eron Huenefeld and Heather Refvem

Gemma Wilson

‘Austen’s Pride’ Sings About Darcy, Elizabeth, and Jane Austen’s Love Life

The chipper new musical, now running at 5th Avenue Theatre, skillfully layers ‘Pride and Prejudice’ with the author’s personal life

Delphi Borich (center) as Lydia

Gavin Borchert

Seattle Rep’s ‘The Great Moment’ Give Us Birth, Death, Aging—You Know, the Boring Stuff

Anna Ziegler’s world premiere play explores the expansive mundanities of life

How old were you when you realized that, in life, the center cannot hold? When The Great Moment begins, our…

Gemma Wilson

Paula Vogel’s Energetic, Elegiac Play ‘Indecent’ Now Running at Seattle Rep

The play-within-a-play is complex, exploring ideas of creative determination, censorship, immigrants and more

Dim light leaks through a gauzy scrim, illuminating bodies crumpled on a dusty stage, everything gray, everything still. Three musicians…

Gemma Wilson

Greenwood’s Taproot Theatre Brings the Lincoln-Douglass Debates to Life

An onstage clash between two giants of American history

Lamar Legend as Frederick Douglass

Gavin Borchert

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