Warning: May Cause Daydreaming. Our ‘Mountain Guide’

By Seattle Mag

May 5, 2011

OK, so you can't actually see the mountains today, but just knowing they're there keeps us grounded


Days like today remind me of how easy it is to take our mountains for granted. Just yesterday, driving across the lake, I got a great big mountain in my eye; Mount Rainier in all its glory, sun glancing off of glaciers, etc. etc. Today, no sign of it…except on the cover of our May issue!

Our Mountain Guide is a huge round up of our beloved local peaks, and great ways to enjoy them, from scenic drives to ski adventures, to butt-kicking clambers. Love mountains enough to buy land? We’ve got info. Worried about volcanoes? Bears? Yeti? We address those concerns, too. Click on a few links (below) and check it out…then pray for a little sun and plan a day-trip foray to explore. Enjoy!

9 Can’t-miss Peaks:From irresistable Mount Rainier to restless Mount St. Helens, a peek at our favorite snow-capped goliaths 

Local Ski Resorts & Crowd-Free Trails: Six hot spots for going downhill this ski season and less crowded alternatives to the usual trails

Mountain Lore: From canyon to cave, the Sasquatch legend persists

Thar She Blows! A Glance at Washington’s volcanos: Eye-popping mountain views come with a serious price tag

When Animals Attack: From experienced to novice, remember: safety first!

5 Driveable Summits: Some people respond to the call of the wild with a sharpened stick and a bag of granola

New to the Outdoors? Our 101 on Getting Started: We navigate where and how to get started on your beginner mountain treks

Washington’s Mountain Vacation Homes: Looking for a vacation home or a weekend rental close to the mountains? Here’s an idea of what’s available