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By Visit Eastern Oregon September 2, 2023

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This article originally appeared in the November/December 2023 issue of Seattle Magazine.

Rugged terrain and culinary delights: We can’t think of a better way to stimulate the senses and soar human spirits than this combination, and we’ve got this going strong in Eastern Oregon.

Long gone are the days when a picnic consisted of cold chicken, potato salad and a few apples tossed in to satisfy a sweet tooth. Many of our food establishments have upped the ante when it comes to packing a picnic that can please the most discerning palate, while fueling the body as readiness for our more remote excursions.

Imagine yourself rising early to set out to see some of the plentiful and highly varied ecological treasures of Eastern Oregon, knowing you most likely won’t be anywhere near civilization during most of the day. As most Oregonians who live on the east side of the state know, carrying food and beverages in your vehicle is a must, as stretches of drives in wilderness between towns can be long in order to reach the most gorgeous gems of this region. So why not seek a place that will send you off on your adventure with food that will garner the same “oohs” and “ahhs” as the pristine setting in which you eat it?

Guyon Springs Kitchen and Farmstore, just outside of Dayville and Liberty Theatre Cafe in La Grande, take this on with elevated strides. A typical packed picnic from Guyon Springs will include fermented pickled fresh picked vegetables in a charcuterie box of home-smoked meats and specialty mustards and other delish condiments with fancy dancy breads on the side or a garden wrap with house-made cream cheese herb spread. Liberty Theatre Cafe, using its artisan breads, will set you on your journey with an ooh-la-la French ham and cheese on baguette or a garlicky greens and turkey sourdough sandwich or Liberty’s famous challah, peanut butter and rose funk farm jam (griddled!) PB+J. These are only two of the many road trip-conscious eateries in Eastern Oregon.

Packing a five-star picnic is not simply a what’s-on-the-menu endeavor. Food sourcing is what truly elevates these offerings. From Hines Meat Co. to Nella Mae’s farmstand to Evergreen Family Farm, local and loving hands toil the soil to provide exceptional ingredients. Guyon Springs grows most of its greens and sources from local ranches to fill out what it doesn’t grow itself.

So what are you waiting for? Fill up the tank, grab a map and set yourself free on your own Eastern Oregon expedition. Don’t forget a blanket. You just might find yourself so satisfied and relaxed that a nap in some remote ancient landscape is also added to your itinerary.

Check this link for more information about our love of culinary offerings in wild landscapes.

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