Embrace Your Inner Child With Adults-Only Summer Camps

From arts and crafts to hot yoga, these new-look camps blend nostalgia with grown-up activities.

By Elaina Friedman April 16, 2017


This article originally appeared in the April 2017 issue of Seattle Magazine.

If a bunch of adults playing capture the flag, sleeping in bunk beds and going on nature walks sounds like your kind of party, you’re not alone. These days, more and more grown-ups are packing their bags and retreating to adult-only camps (more than 1 million, according to the American Camp Association), including a few in Washington.

They’re invited to leave their screens at home and remember the sweet thrill of camp songs, mess halls and scraped knees. At Camp Kirby’s Camp RAHH (starts at $450; on Samish Island, an hour-and-a-half drive north of Seattle, adults spend four days kayaking, riding horses, playing paint ball and enjoying four-course meals by local chef Brian O’Connor, all sans alcohol and technology. The YMCA’s Camp Colman, near Tacoma, offers similar activities as part of the four-day “Camp Souldust: Magic in the Woods” (starts at $555; experience. (Read about the awkward and inspirational moments from our recent stay).

And for women only, the Girl Scouts of Western Washington’s “Glamp” weekend in September hosts activities such as pasta making and sunrise yoga (starts at $275;

Another women’s option for a weekend recharge: Spring and fall weekend wellness camps at Camp Colman and Camp Orkila on Orcas Island ($189; Expect traditional camp activities (arts and crafts, archery) along with time to relax or indulge in a massage. With vacation season just around the corner, don’t miss your chance to sing “Kumbaya.”


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