Three Good Reasons to Go Hiking After Work Tonight–and Two Great Places to Hike

Seattle's Soggy Spring Makes Us Desperate to Make The Most of This Rare (Non-Rainy) Day

By Seattle Mag May 4, 2011


First reason to hike tonight: It’s not raining! Second reason: Sunset isn’t until 8:25 p.m. And third, after our spring monsoon season, you know you need to move that butt! And there is no denying that the oxygen-rich air you breathe while scampering through the woods is good for your brain.

Here are my two fave close-in post-work hikes, one a stately stroll in the woods, one an uphill grind with a staggering view payoff. Easy does it: Head to the Tradition Lake Trail Head via I-90 Eastbound. Take the High Point exit (#20) and go right, then immediately right again. The road dead-ends at the trailhead. Here, you’ll find a plethora o’ loop hikes—some nice and level, some not-so-level (but nice!). Doesn’t matter which trail you take here; you’ll feel a world away from the office in no time.

Got a little pent-up energy? Hit the Chirico Trail and trundle uphill for two miles to Poo Poo Point. If you’re lucky, some crazy person will be jumping off the launch pad with a parasail strapped to their backs. This is my fave sunset hike of all time—and a righteous workout. Bring a flashlight; it’s dark back in them thar trees. To get there, take the Front Street exit from I 90 eastbound and head straight through old Issaquah. About 3 miles south of town, you’ll see a grassy field on your left, with a gravel parking lot (and on an evening like tonight, parasailers touching down). Cross the field to find the trailhead. See you there!


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