One of the region's greatest capers would've been right up the CNN host's outlaw alley.

Macklemore and Seattle up-and-comers Dave B and Travis Thompson swung through The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night.

The celebrity chef and host of CNN's Parts Unknown recently filmed an episode in Seattle.

Reporter Angie Mentink literally didn't see this coming.

The documentary "Demon at the Door" premieres tonight.

Get ready for the rebooted show's Sunday debut with this mini tour.

Rising stars from culture, tech and global health come together for a one-of-a-kind conversation.

Local actor and drag performer Jerick Hoffer, a.k.a.

Seattle-based retail giant just launched a national ad for its Kindle Paperwhite. The star of the ad isn't the new e-reader, though.

Let’s be clear: Scientist Ranae Holland, who can be seen on the Animal Planet reality show Finding Bigfoot tromping around various woods, sporting night-vision gogs and listening carefully to weird sounds, absolutely does