Searching for Sasquatch

A Seattle scientist plays skeptic on Animal Planet' shit show 'Finding Bigfoot'.

Let’s be clear: Scientist Ranae Holland, who can be seen on the Animal Planet reality show Finding Bigfoot tromping around…

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Top Chef Seattle Stinks!

Hey, Top Chef! How about you pack up your knives and go home? Really, I’m over it, aren’t you? This…

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Best Scary Movies to Watch on Halloween

In case the weekend shut-ins among us need a little help rounding off the perfect horror movie marathon. (Watch at…

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X Factor: Team Lomax Delivers, While American Dream Story Line Depresses

Thanks to an unexpected office rivalry, I find myself properly hooked on the X Factor, another Simon Cowell singing contest…

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X Factor Update: Team Lomax Still Cuter

Last night’s X Factor episode was bumped to a delayed baseball game (woe!), so we have to wait until tonight…

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Rooting for Seattle’s LeRoy Bell on ‘X Factor’

In regard to Bond Huberman’s earlier post cheering on Phillip Lomax, the young Seattle singer who’s currently a competitor on…

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