Twilight Links

We know what you're doing when you're not on Facebook or You're googling Twilight, a

By Madeline Boardman

December 21, 2010

These Web sites are the best of the best when it comes to breaking Twilight news.

Stephenie Meyer: The author of the Twilight series doesn’t grant a lot of interviews, but she’s good about keeping her fans up to date on the things she knows are important to them.

The World of Twilight: Start here if you’re new to the Twilight phenomenon–they have information about the story, cast and crew of the Twilight saga, as well as high-def and exclusive photography.

Forks Chamber of Commerce: The real Forks, WA is proud to call themselves the “Home of Twilight” . The Chamber of Commerce has lots of great information about their town: how to get there, what to do and why to go.

Twilight Lexicon: This is by far the best fan-made site dedicated to the Twilight saga. They have everything you’ll be looking for and more, in addition to the latest breaking Twilight news and a whole section dedicated to their personal correspondence with author Stephenie Meyer.

Twilight Moms: Just what it sounds like–a site run by moms who love Twilight!