The Brothers, 6,565 feet; Mount Constance, 7,743 feet; Mount Ellinor, 5,952 feet

When Animals Attack

A small mountain town with historic attractions and a decent brewery, Snoqualmie offers proximity to the city while maintaining a distinct sense of rustic charm.

Besides the oft-traveled road to Hurricane Ridge outside Port Angeles (see page 107), here are five more Washington mountains you can summit in the relative comfort of your automobile.

Our state is home to five active or potentially active stratovolcanoes—tall, conical mountains built up over the centuries by layer upon layer of volcanic material. Until Mount St.

Rumors have circulated for years that Washington’s Cascades are the native habitat of Bigfoot (aka Sasquatch).

Going Downhill

Here’s a handful of familiar snowsport options, plus one that’s a little out there. Visit skiwashington.com for more.

The Summit at Snoqualmie

(elevation: 5,420 feet)

We’ve all asked (and answered) the classic vacation question: The mountains or the shore? As it happens, we feel strongly both ways. But after publishing our Ultimate Coast Guide three years ago, we knew we had created an obvious imperative.

That whole thing about climbing a mountain because it is there? Yeah, I’ve never quite understood that philosophy—unless it’s a metaphor that applies to something like a big piece of chocolate cake that happens to be in my line of vision.