The Ultimate Guide to Washington’s Mountains

They’re massive. Magical. Magnificent. Mountains inevitably put us in our place, and in Seattle, it’

By By Roddy Scheer, Nick O’Connell, Tina Lassen and John Levesque with Sarai Dominguez, Cayla Lambier, Jennifer Lee and Anna Samuels April 21, 2011


This article originally appeared in the May 2011 issue of Seattle magazine.

We’ve all asked (and answered) the classic vacation question: The mountains or the shore? As it happens, we feel strongly both ways. But after publishing our Ultimate Coast Guide three years ago, we knew we had created an obvious imperative. And so we present our paean to Washington’s magnificent mountains. Why? Well, to paraphrase the famous quotation of British mountaineer George Mallory, partly because they’re there. But, more precisely, because they are ours. Here in Seattle, mountains inform our lives, whether we spend time hiking up them, skiing down them, or driving through them. (Some of us never set foot on them—see page 152—and that’s OK, too.) With brawny assertiveness, the Cascade Range extends from northern California into southern British Columbia, a splendid serration of accessible beauty. In Washington, the range is both barrier—physical, climatological, even political—and unifier, bringing millions to its forested slopes every year in search of sumptuous scenery, sweet solitude and soft snow. West of Seattle, the Olympic Range—whose glorious peaks never cease to impress us on a clear day—is a more distant tease, requiring a trip across (or around) Puget Sound to reach its remote retreats. Our lease agreement on all of these geological marvels comes with infinitely flexible terms—from an intimacy encouraged by frequent and fervent contact to an arm’s-length relationship more comfortable with postcard views. Whatever the depth of the attraction, it is as steadfast as the mountains themselves.

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