Updated! It’s True: Matt Dillon’s Bar Sajor is Opening in Pioneer Square

By Seattle Mag


February 20, 2013

Update! Bar Sajor just announced it will opens for limited service tomorrow (Thursday, February 21) at 4pm and on Friday. Regular hours will begin Monday, February 25, when Bar Sajor will begin serving lunch and dinner on weekdays, opening at 11am (with a limited menu on Mondays). Weekend hours are still TBD.

Original post: Signs of life have been trickling out of Matt Dillon’s (Sitka & Spruce, Corson Building, Bar Ferd’nand) hotly anticipated Pioneer Square eatery, Bar Sajor, for a few days now (more backstory here and here).

First there was a tweet. Then City Arts’ Amanda Manitach, who attended last week’s official soft opening dinner, wrote about dropping by, saying, “The place was packed with tipsy art-and-foodie glitterati, toasty with blazing wood-fired ovens, perfumed with the succulence of flatbread, rotisserie chickens and enough complimentary red wine to fuel a bacchanalia.” Even Nordstrom’s blog is getting in on the action, suggesting Bar Sajor as an envy-inducing Valentine’s destination.

The restaurant will be a virtual snapshot of the year’s hottest food trends: wood-fired oven? Check. Vegetable-driven menu? Check. Fermented-pickled-preserved…everything? Oh yes.

Get directions to Bar Sajor.