5 Tips for National Nutrition Month

A guest blogger from The Humane Society on why (and how) we should eat more vegetables

There’s a reason kale’s all the rage…

Chelsea Lin with Amy Webster

Vegetable Dishes are the Stars at Many Seattle Restaurants

Once relegated to side-dish status, plant-based foods are now unapologetically the main show

As a restaurant critic, I hope my reviews don’t sound like broken records—that I’m not recommending the same dishes at…

Seattle Mag

Food We Love: Buddha Bowl at Sweetgrass Food Co.

An everything-and-the-kitchen sink salad with a delectable dressing

I’m a kitchen-sink salad eater. None of this simple romaine-and-tomato-only business for me. Instead, I crave a big bowl with…

Jessica Yadegaran

Molly’s Salads

Making it easy to enjoy healthy food for lunch.

“A salad a day keeps the doctor away” is the philosophy at Molly’s Salads, a local artisan salad and sandwich…

Jessica Orr