VIDEO: Behind the Scenes of Seattle’s Podcast “Studios” asks the personalities behind Too Beautiful to Live, Spilled Milk and Hollow Earth Ra

By Seattle Mag


April 7, 2011

From underground (Hollow Earth Radio) to tragically hip (Too Beautiful to Live), this month’s media story (Radio Waves) reveals that podcasting isn’t just a relic of the mid-2000s. In the process of interviewing and chatting with the personalites–Matthew Amster-Burton, Molly Wizenberg, Luke Burbank, Amber Kai and others–featured in this piece, I couldn’t help but think this was one of those stories that was screaming for a multimedia component. Luckily for, we’ve got a great team of videographers who have been slowly building up a fantastic catologue of visual stories. My assignment to Alex Kummerow: SHOW us the digs of Seattle’s online DJs. Here’s what he brought back: