Virtual Reality

How Emerging Technologies Will Change How You Shop

With the next generation of Apple devices, virtual and augmented reality is about to explode in popularity

sponsored by Seattle Interactive Looking down on New York City from the edge of a helicopter skid. Interacting with the…

Teresa Kenney

Seattle Companies Seek Opportunities in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality offers a different way to see the world. Seattle companies are jumping on board—and believe it will change the way we live

In the not-too-distant future, virtual reality may immerse kids in educational experiences and help them explore the universe in a whole new way

Connor Raikes and Drew Atkins

SIFF Gets Real

Virtual reality may be the breakout star of this year’s film festival

For more than 40 years, the Seattle Independent Film Festival (SIFF) has introduced its patrons to up-and-coming talent and films…

Lara Hale

Video Game Technology Moves From Recreational to Real-World

Video games leap off the screen and into new tech products that help PTSD patients, drivers and webs

Seems like just yesterday video games were making the clumsy transition from bulky joysticks to sleek, wireless controllers. But youth…

Cayla Lambier

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