Visit Long Beach, Washington

Trek south to see the Asian New Year Celebration at the World Kite Museum.

By Patrick Hutchison January 13, 2012


This article originally appeared in the February 2012 issue of Seattle magazine.

WHERE: Long Beach, Washington.

WHY: For the Asian New Year Celebration at the World Kite Museum (303 Sid Snyder Drive; 360.642.4020;

This year’s event centers on the vibrant culture of Bali, with colorful handmade kites and other exhibits from the Indonesian island.

BYO KITE: Walk down to the blustery beach for dramatic scenery and thrilling kite-flying weather.

SIDE TRIP: Don a parka, grab your binoculars and drive five miles down the coast to the North Head Lighthouse, where you can scan the water for gray whales as they migrate from the Arctic to Baja, California. From here, you can also explore Cape Disappointment State Park, which surrounds the lighthouse and belies its own name.

GETTING THERE: Take Interstate 5 south and merge onto U.S. Highway 101 south in Olympia before following signs to the coast and Long Beach.


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