Vitamin E and Selenium: Increased Prostate Cancer Risk?

By Seattle Mag

March 3, 2014

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Courtesy of Fred Hutch

!–paging_filter–pNew information about supplements vitamin E and selenium, thought to protect against cancer, reveals that they appear to do the opposite in high doses, according a href=”…“to a study led by Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center/a.nbsp; Researchers looked at the micronutrients’ effect on 4,856 men that were divided into groups that took them alone, took them together, and took a placebo. The results, published in the a href=”“emJournal of the National Cancer Institute/em/a, show that generally there was no benefit to taking the supplements for the group. More importantly, for some subgroups, such as men who had high baseline levels of selenium, there was clear harm. These men had their risk of an aggressive kind of prostate tumor nearly doubled, while those taking vitamin E alone more than doubled their risk./p


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