Wallingford Bar’s Spin on a Guilty Pleasure Food is the Perfect Drinking Snack

A scratch-made take on a grocery aisle classic.

Lipton’s onion soup mix—and its use in making dip—holds a special place in my heart, next to Aunt Jemima’s phony maple syrup and Jif peanut butter, in the section devoted to processed foods that remind me of childhood. And while nostalgia isn’t required to enjoy the house-made onion dip, sweetened by caramelized onions and accented…

Chelsea Lin

One Young Gelato Fan Can’t Wait for Fainting Goat Owners to Recover After Crash

The couple behind the popular gelato shops were recently involved in a motorcycle accident.

Now, this is just adorable.

Michael Rietmulder

Art of the Table Returns With Nine Courses of Gastro Grandeur

In its new location, the Wallingford favorite stays true to the food and character fans love.

A gorgeous dish of marbled king salmon gravlax, corn salad, tomato confit, pioppini mushroom, cilantro pistou, smoked trout roe and garden edibles.

Chelsea Lin

Next-Level Apartment Amenities

With so many apartment complexes competing for tenants, developers are getting creative when it comes to amenities. “We are absolutely upping our game,” says Amy Williams, regional development manager at Madrona Ridge Residential, the owner of the recently opened Angeline apartment building at the northern edge of Columbia City’s historic downtown. You’ll still find that…

Seattle Mag

Three Impressions of Bar Charlie

Seaplane-themed craft cocktails, a cozy bar and great small plates: Bar Charlie is a smooth landing

Don’t miss your Connecting Flight, a cocktail at Stone Way’s Bar Charlie

AJ Rathbun

Three Impressions of Thackeray

The Royal Shipyard is one of six intriguing choices on Thackeray’s Gin & Tonic menu

AJ Rathbun

Mark Your Calendar for Seattle Tilth’s Edible Plants Sale

Seattle Tilth’s Edible Plant Sale takes place on May 3-4. Take your pick of tantalizing veggies, including heirloom varieties and an extensive selection of culinary herbs, edible flowers and drought-tolerant perennials. There’s also plenty of summer gardening plants, aka “warm season” crops, like tomatoes, peppers and squash. The Early Bird Sale Friday (5/2) 5-7 p.m.,…

Shannon O'Leary

Summer Guide 2010: Wallingford

You know it

You know it’s summer when the lines at Molly Moon’s (1622 N 45th St.; 206.547.5105; mollymoonicecream.com) stretch around the block and fleets of kites are flying high at Gas Works Park. WallingfordGrab a sidewalk seat for the Wallingford Kiddies Parade (July 10, 11a.m.; 206.632.3165; wallingford.org), in which children show off the true meaning of “pageantry.”…

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