Tunnel Vision: A 360 Look at Bertha Underground

Above ground, the journey of Bertha’s dig under downtown has been one of the most talked about news stories of recent years. As Bertha begins to emerge on the other side, we go underground for an exclusive look

Workers are dwarfed by the mammoth scale of the tunnel, shown here in March 2016. The curved concrete segments are made by the EnCon plant in Pierce County. The upper and lower roads are still to come

Elaine Porterfield

A Case Inlet Cabin Lets the Outside In

A rustic waterfront retreat unites two spectacular features

The cabin’s site powerfully connects it with the land and sea

Lauren Mang

Waterfront San Juan Home Brings the Outdoors Inside

A San Juan Islands vacation home practices an open-door policy with the outside

When the doors open wide at this waterfront residence on one of the San Juan Islands, it’s hard to tell where the indoors ends and the outdoors begins. Sliding glass panels at both the north- and south-facing sides of the1,600-square-foot house retract to open up the entire living area to the sights and sounds of…

Sheila Cain

Elliott’s Oyster House Pleasantly Surprises

Does Seattle’s premier tourist-friendly seafood restaurant deserve a better reputation?

Every August, our guest room fills up with friends from out of state betting on seeing the Seattle I swear exists: the one that doesn’t require an umbrella. Planning their itinerary, they ask the inevitable: “Where should we go for the best seafood?” And…hmm. For the seafood-focused Best Restaurants issue of Seattle magazine in April,…

Allison Austin Scheff

Summer Guide 2010: Waterfront & Bainbridge Island

Nothing reminds you of why you live here like a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island.

Waterfront Many locals try to steer clear of downtown during the summer months, but here are just a few reasons to venture forth among the out-of-towners. On the waterfront at Pier 66, try the mahi mahi tacos from the walk-up counter at Anthony’s Fish Bar (2201 Alaskan Way; 206.448.6688; anthonys.com/restaurants/info/pier66.html). Sitting on the patio right…

Seattle Mag