West Seattle

Seattle’s Cinematic New Whiskey Bar Would Drive Bruce Campbell Wild

West Seattle's new neighborhood bar is a movie buff's dream.

Legendary cult movie star and author Bruce Campbell lives in Oregon, but the next time he travels north to Seattle, he needs to stop by 2 Fingers Social Club. Opened in October by co-owners Andrew Spence and Ed Wheeler (ex-bartenders at Chupacabra), the West Seattle whiskey bar has a number of cult-horror touches, including a…

AJ Rathbun

This Drink From a Hot New Cocktail Bar Deliciously Messes With Your Head

West Seattle’s Alchemy brings a little wizardry to its striking—and surprisingly refreshing—drink.

Alchemy bar manager Tony Larson puts a dark twist on a variation of the Eastside cocktail

AJ Rathbun

Once One of Seattle’s Highest Crime Areas, High Point Has Transformed Into a Thriving, Diverse Community

When West Seattle’s low-income High Point neighborhood was redeveloped more than a decade ago, it was a bold experiment to create a thriving neighborhood of residents from different income and demographic backgrounds.

High Point, on the southeast edge of West Seattle, offers residents plenty of room to roam outdoors with pathways and parks located throughout the planned community.

Erica C. Barnett

New Cocktail Bar Brings Gothic Romance, Gorgeous Drinks to West Seattle

At Alchemy, the drinks are fussed over and it pays off.

Try the striking Black & White at West Seattle’s Alchemy.

AJ Rathbun

Circus Therapy Pioneer Finds Power in the Trapeze

Amber Parker takes a swing at mental health support via acrobatics.

Amber Parker coaches acrobats with unique challenges in the circus arts as a form of behavioral therapy.

Callie Little

Dear God, Even This New Sports Bar Serves Poke

All right, now poke is officially everywhere in Seattle.

Could color-changing bomb shots and poke be a thing?

Michael Rietmulder

This West Seattle Cocktail Spot is Worth the Trip Across the Bridge

The cozy new bar is already winning fans.

Duck into West Seattle’s friendly and lounge-y Nook for a cocktail.

AJ Rathbun

Raccolto’s House-Made Pasta Steals the Show

Pasta is the modest showstopper at this new West Seattle restaurant

Lamb Bolognese with strozzapreti pasta and parmesan shavings, from Raccolto in West Seattle

Chelsea Lin

In White Center, a Restaurateur Cooks up Some Tunes

A second Drunky's Two Shoe BBQ is expected to open here soon; with it, perhaps the start of a new live music scene on the west side

Formerly the DK Cafe, a second Drunky’s BBQ is expected to open on this site in April

Mike Seely