What on Earth is Happening at the Frye Art Museum?

| Updated: November 27, 2018

Mw [Moment Magnitude], a boundary-crossing, description-eluding, interdisciplinary arts summit, of sorts, is taking over the Frye over the next three months.

This week at the museum, local team zoe | juniper (a collaboration of a video artist and a choreographer, and past Seattle magazine Spotlight Award winner) is rehearsing and recording an original piece, No one to witness and adjust, study #2 (they're working on it as I write this even). You can spy on the "performance" for free any time this week (11am-5pm; through November 9).

A live production of a video, featuring dance, projection, live plaster casting and other intriguing elements, the piece has been described by an insider as bringing "a serenity to the space that I have enjoyed in this hectic week."

 A few pictures that will make you want to go check it out right now: 


To learn more about the installation, attend the gallery talk on Saturday, November 10, 1pm. Frye Art Museum, 704 Terry Avenue; fryemuseum.org