Writer Guidelines

A Good Story Idea Can Come From Anywhere

We want to hear yours

Here are some simple guidelines for pitching Seattle magazine, both online and in print.

Become familiar with the magazine (what we write about, how stories are presented) then, pitch an actual story idea.

Be brief. Grab the editor’s attention in two or three sentences.

Tailor your pitch. The magazine has different content verticals, or “departments.” Align your pitch with one of these categories and tell us why it’s timely and relevant to our audience.  Research your story idea to ensure it’s not been written about recently.

Highlight trends in your story pitch. Why is this interesting or important now? What can this teach both longtime residents and newcomers? How is it relevant to our region? Would someone outside of Seattle be interested in this?

Showcase your skills. Include any journalism/writing experience you may have and include links or attach a copy of your published work.

Follow up is okay, but please give us ample time to respond.

Contact Executive and Digital Editor, Rob Smith, through our Contact Us page.

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