A Writer’s Mea Culpa to the Seattle Distilling Company

By Seattle Mag March 28, 2014


!–paging_filter–pGetting to write about our local distillery scene is awesome–and tasty, too. And while I like every distillery and distiller that I’ve encountered so far (each distiller has great stories, and his or her devotion to the craft is fantastic), one of my favorites is the a href=”http://www.seattledistillingcompany.com” target=”_blank”Seattle Distilling Company/a, and its master distiller Paco Joyce. He’s super dedicated, but also super open and happy to talk, which is one reason why I felt awful when I mistakenly referred to his single malt whiskey, Vashon Idle Hour, as Idle Hours in a a href=”http://\/\/seattlemag.com.239elwb01.blackmesh.com/article/washington-state-d…“recent emSeattle /emmag article I wrote/a./p
pAnother reason is that I really like the Vashon Idle Hour single malt whiskey, and if I sent any potential drinkers of it in the wrong direction, well, I owe them a drink (and hopefully they found it even with my mis-type). The whiskey is made with a little addition of Washington state honey in the fermentation process, which adds just that hint of sweetness. It’s a very smooth whiskey, and has a great grain, biscuit and oak flavor, and mixes well into cocktails as well as being dandy solo, neat or on the rocks. So, apologies to Seattle Distilling Company for that extra ‘s,’ and readers don’t let my mistakes keep you from trying this fine whiskey./p


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