Rainier Beach Residents Fight to Preserve a Diverse American Dream

On a walk through Rainier Beach, Steve Scher finds an old Seattle neighborhood that’s trying to hold on in the wake of gentrification.

Rainier Beach residents enjoy the playground at Beer Sheva Park along Lake Washington.

Steve Scher

Looking at Gentrification in Seattle

How historic preservation is boosting diversity at a time of gentrification

Seattle’s Central District is a prime example of an area that’s experiencing extreme change

Knute Berger

Changes in the Central District Affect the African-American Community

As gentrification pushes African-Americans, should the city step in to protect their interests?

When Mount Calvary Christian Center pastor Reggie Witherspoon was growing up in the Central District in the 1960s and ’70s, the neighborhood was tight-knit and largely African-American. But today, it’s another story. “It’s radically different,” he says. Now, he can visit the neighborhood and not see any African-Americans. “I never thought I would see the…

Naomi Ishisaka