You won’t find hotels, restaurants or shops on Red Mountain. But the state’s most petite wine-growing region does have a generous community of makers and growers, with a recreational playland a stone’s throw away

A drive to the southern Oregon coast offers plenty of diversions, from wine to charming towns to elk watching

Enter to win two tickets to the Seattle Wine and Food Experience's Grand Tasting event on February 22, 2020. Don't miss your chance to experience this deluxe showcase for wine, beverage, food and lifestyle in the Northwest. Value: $170

Relive 2019's Grand Tasting here

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Located between Seattle and Portland, these two cities offer history, shopping and outdoor attractions

Your weekly guide to Seattle's hottest events

A dream drive through an under-the-radar Oregon wonderland, from lowland forest to Mount Jefferson

Whidbey’s charming Langley provides a vacation’s worth of enjoyment—and delicious food options—in a half-day excursion

Many urbanities are opting to rent—not buy—in luxe style. At $10,000 and up, the sky’s the limit