Desperation and Heartbreak: The Struggle to Get Off the Streets and Into Affordable Housing

Seattle's rapid rehousing program didn't work for Lisa Sawyer.

Lisa Sawyer says she’s often forced to choose between paying rent and buying groceries.

Erica C. Barnett

Want to Escape Seattle’s Hellish Housing Market? Tacoma’s On Fire, Too

Tacoma is the fifth most competitive city in America for homebuyers.

House hunting in Tacoma? You better act fast.

Stephen Strom

This Prefab Kitsap County Home Went From Sterile to Stylish

The Emerald Studio warms up one family’s formerly austere home.

Pops of blue link the rooms of the house, creating cohesion and transforming the aesthetic.

Nia Martin

Where to Live Now in Seattle

It’s no secret that housing prices are going through the roof in the Seattle area. Seattle-based Zillow recently ranked our city as the second-hottest housing market in the country. What does that mean for you? If you’re a buyer, you may want to consider a neighborhood with rapid appreciation; if you’re a renter, be prepared…

Sheila Cain, Sheila Mickool and Elaine Porterfield, with additional reporting by Stephen Strom

Seattle’s Apartment Boom Offers New Living Options

As it transforms neighborhoods, Seattle’s apartment boom offers a surplus of options like rooftop gardens, chicken coops and more

Apartment-dwellers in South Lake Union’s six-story Amli can enjoy the 3,000 square foot rooftop garden

Sheila Cain

Best Pocket Neighborhoods: Lakewood Park

Elsewhere in Seattle, old and new housing stand side by side

Sheila Cain

Best Pocket Neighborhoods: Whittier Heights

Goodies from Rosellini’s (formerly Honoré Artisan Bakery)

Sheila Cain

Best Pocket Neighborhoods: Endolyne

An eager client at Canine Casa groomers

Sheila Cain

Best Pocket Neighborhoods: Mount Baker Park

Making pizza at Mioposto

Sheila Cain