Seattle Mariners

Watch ROOT Sports Reporter Get Doused With Gatorade After Mariners Win

Live television is a beautiful thing.

Um, wrong person.

Michael Rietmulder

Mariners’ Spring Training: Why to Go, What You Need to Know

The Peoria Sports Complex, home of the Mariners for spring training

Stephen Strom

New Urban Garden Brings Increased Sustainability to Safeco Field

Raised bed beneath batter's eye provides food for Safeco's restaurants

Safeco Field is home to baseball, its fans and all the trappings of an American sporting event.  But it also…

Kasee Bailey

The Mariners Sad But Hopeful But Sad 2015 Season

How 2015 was like every other year (save for 1995 and 2001) for the Mariners

Mariners fans go into each season with a renewed hope because the season prior showed promise (think a big, new…

Seattle Mag

Seattle Mariners Are Hot And So Is Their Food

!–paging_filter–pspanHave you heard?/span/ppOur Boys of Summer are streaking. Yup, the Seattle Mariners have won eight in a row and are…

Seattle Mag

Safeco Goes Foodie, a Michael Mina Update and More Food News

Ethan Stowell leads a team of three chefs who'll debut new restaurants at Safeco Field this spring.

News broke earlier this week that Safeco Field is getting four new eateries come springtime backed by famous chefs from…

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