Renee Erickson

We interviewed the restaurant maven for our most fascinating singles story.
Posted November 01, 2012
First date idea: A date at the Ballard Farmers Market (open year-round) for good eats and easy talking points

Age: 39

Occupation: Chef and co-owner, Boat Street Cafe, The Walrus & the Carpenter, The Whale Wins and mobile food truck The Narwhal

Neighborhood: Ballard/Phinney

Orientation: Straight

Pets: Puppy named Arlo; one cat, Lucca; and eight chickens

Grew up in: Woodinville, Washington

Personal mission: To fill my life with beautiful people, spaces, food and events

Best quality: I never stay mad. And my laugh.

People might be most surprised to learn: I had a fast-pitch softball scholarship in college.

Favorite guilty pleasure: Lay’s potato chips. And compulsive buying of old silverware.

Would spend a million dollars on: An oyster farm or waterfront property on Puget Sound

Best way to spend a rainy day: Have lunch and drink some rosé with a friend at Sitka & Spruce.

Describe your ideal “mate”: I haven’t found him yet, so I don’t know...but he needs to make me laugh, and be creative.

Favorite place for a first date: Maybe coffee and a walk around Olympic Sculpture Park or Ballard Farmers Market

Best way to meet people in Seattle? Work in restaurants

Go-to first-date strategy: Have a glass of wine before the date and set a time limit