When Aspirin Isn’t Enough: Finding a Solution to Back and Neck Pain

Northwest Spine Center offers quality, personalized care to finally end your back and neck pain
| Updated: June 20, 2019
  • Board-certified surgeons at work at Northwest Spine Center
    When Aspirin Isn’t Enough: Finding a Solution to Back and Neck Pain
Board-certified surgeons at work at Northwest Spine Center

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There is no shortage of quick-fix back pain products in the world, from magical mattresses to As Seen on TV braces and wraps. If you have back or neck pain, you’ve probably tried your fair share of these easy solutions, only to be disappointed when they don’t quite solve the problem. The truth is, the best way to feel better is through a comprehensive and individualized approach to your spine condition and working closely with a doctor to find a treatment plan that’s right for you. Northwest Spine Center, which specializes in degenerative and trauma-related spine conditions, has been providing a multidisciplinary approach to back and neck care since 2010.  

Northwest Spine Center is an independent medical and surgical center, not subject to or dependent on a hospital chain or insurance company. Therefore, medical treatments at the center are based on the independent decisions of providers - not a business-driven or impersonal organization. Patients always visit with a board-certified spine surgeon and receive both treatment and education so that they can make informed decisions about their care. The center offers a variety of clinical services ranging from Diagnostic Services to therapeutic modalities, including Exercise Therapy, Interventional Pain Management and Spine Surgery.

In those cases in which a conservative approach does not provide long-term relief of symptoms, surgery may be needed. Northwest Spine Center offers highly individualized surgical treatment with state-of-the-art technology in spine surgery as well as well-established, reputable and well-trained personnel. Simple and complex spine surgeries are consistently and successfully performed as outpatient procedures, allowing patients to recover in their home on the same day of surgery. Post-surgical patients regularly experience fast recovery, discontinuation of opioid medicine, and decreased pain level. 

“I had been to emergency rooms and other surgery and pain clinics over a fifteen-year period,” says one former patient. “Two people I know had seen Dr. Meirelles and said I should see him. I went to my visit with him and felt he was the most professional doctor I had ever seen. We laid out a plan of treatment based on several tests and were able to treat the pain initially with injections. After two treatments we decided surgery was the best option. . . I am finally free of neck pain.” 

The team at Northwest Spine Center has developed an infrastructure to deliver exceptional customer service. They provide in-house assistance with insurance and cost-of-care questions, and are efficient in scheduling appointments, imaging studies and technical procedures. Patients receive individualized attention, effective communication and excellent care. 

“From the front desk to the nurses, all office staff and Dr. Meirelles, each and every one of them was courteous, professional, and made my visits comfortable,” says another former patient. “They all truly care about the well-being of their patients and it is demonstrated in all interactions with all staff.”

Northwest Spine Center has three locations across Washington: Bellevue, Yakima and Kennewick. For more information, visit nwspinecenter.com 

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