Recipe of the Week

Here’s a recipe that hits on all the best elements of comforting cuisine, plus a little Serrano chili for heat

It's not as hard as you think, adapted from this recipe via chef Shota Nakajima of Naka restaurant

We tend to overindulge during the winter holidays. Keep up your energy and spare yourself holiday pounds by opting for healthy home-cooked meals when possible, like this light, but filling soup

This easy, fast-cooking nosh comes together quickly—you’ll have them made, shaped and baked in about half an hour.

Mild, exotic spices mingle with warm, hearty squash for the perfect cold weather dish

Around these parts, Mario Batali is a little bit of a hometown here: He was born in Seattle, and his family runs the popular Pioneer Square sandwich shop/cured meats emporium that is

I’m a devoted follower of the Wandering Goose—one of the only places in town to get an honest-to-goodness slice of layer cake that doesn’t disappoint. I love the biscuits.

Seattle knows a thing or two about seafood.

Somehow, August is once again upon us--seriously, how is summer speeding by so quickly?? But it's OK, because with August comes the peak of peach season, and Washinton grows some of the best, juciest peaches around.

The only thing better than a fruity and flavorful treat is one packed with superfoods.These colorful smoothie bowls by local foodie and Spache the Spatula blogger Rachael Dart are a ta