Fall Arts Preview 2013: Visual Arts

Keep your eyes open for painters, photographers and sculptors working to shift your point of view
Brangien Davis  |   September 2013   |  FROM THE PRINT EDITION
A room-sized paper waterfall by Nguyen and Kavanaugh

Seattle’s own Gala Bent paints and draws tiny, otherworldly, watercolor scenes in The Ether and the Mantle, a show of intriguing new work. 8/30–10/5. Times vary. Free. G. Gibson Gallery. ggibsongallery.com

In Hometown Boy, contemporary Chinese artist Liu Xiaodong paints lush, hauntingly realistic portraits of a crowded, often naked homeland. And in Inked, fellow countryman Wan Qingli blends traditional Chinese brushstrokes with a modern sense of irony. 8/31–6/29/2014. Times and prices vary. Seattle Asian Art Museum. seattleartmuseum.org

In Renegades, South African photographer Frank Marshall takes portraits of leather-clad heavy-metalheads in Botswana. 9/2–10/2. Times vary. Free. M.I.A Gallery. m-i-a-gallery.com

Brooklyn-based collaborative artists Stephen B. Nguyen and Wade Kavanaugh take the Olympic Mountains as inspiration for this installation of huge swaths of paper shaped into natural forms. 9/16–12/13. Times vary. Free. Suyama Space, suyamaspace.org

Longtime urban photographer Ray Metzker reveals that he’s never stopped experimenting with stark contrast and black-and-white techniques. 9/21–1/05/2014. Times and prices vary. Henry Art Gallery. henryart.org

The Frye Art Museum celebrates contemporary Seattle textile artist Mark Mitchell’s beautiful takes on burial garments (9/21–10/20), along with the weird, dark seduction of turn-of-the-century German oil painter Franz von Stuck (11/2–2/02/2014). Times vary. Free. fryemuseum.org

Los Angeles–based installation artist Jennifer Steinkamp transforms interior spaces with giant digital projections of natural phenomena. 11/9–1/26/2014. Times and prices vary. Tacoma Art Museum. tacomaartmuseum.org

Robert Davidson, a Northwest Coast Haida artist, crafts boldly iconographic images of animals and nature. In Abstract Impulse, he exhibits 45 recent paintings, prints and sculptures at SAM. 11/16–2/16/14. Times and prices vary. Seattle Art Museum. seattleartmuseum.org

In A World of Paper, A World of Fashion, Belgian artist Isabelle de Borchgrave crafts stunning, life-size replicas of prominent historical gowns out of paper. 11/21–2/16/2014. Times and prices vary. Bellevue Arts Museum. bellevuearts.org