Updated! Sitka & Spruce Becomes Nettletown

Matt Dillon's not exactly leaving Eastlake.

Not entirely anyways. He's part-owner of Nettletown, which is opening in the Eastlake stripmall location where his beloved Sitka & Spruce (which closed at the end of the year, to reopen on Capitol Hill in the next couple of months) once lived.  

Foraged & Found Edibles co-founder Christina Choi is Dillon's partner in the venture (the two worked together years back at the Herbfarm, and Choi sometimes helps out in the kitchen at The Corson Building). Choi will be the main force behind Nettletown, where she'll cook, "eclectic comfort food with influences from my culinary heritage (Chinese, Swiss) and our collective Pacific coast geography."

Expect dishes like, "crab or fish(depending on availability) cakes with celery seaweed salad and aioli; Nettletown noodles: egg noodles with roast pork, seasoned wild mushrooms, tea egg and toasted garlic; brioche French toast with ginger butter and huckleberry sauce."

Read more on Choi's Nettletown blog, and look for the opening at the end of this month/early March.