Bellingham Beauty Company Puts an Old Spin on New Skin Care

A local company steers the ‘farm to toilette’ beauty product concept
SKIN SOOTHERS: Render Skincare’s clary sage and bergamot balm

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What began as an effort to heal a friend’s chapped hands has turned into a growing enterprise for Kari Hardin, founder of Bellingham-based Render Skincare. Her small-batch soaps, balms and whips (from $10) are created with tallow—in this case, fat rendered from responsibly managed cattle—and then infused with essential oils. Hardin extols the healing qualities of her nutrient-rich products (they’re high in fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K), which make them ideal for dry and cracked skin, and also for skin care after sun exposure. The skincare line, for both face and body, offers an array of formulas designed for different skin types and issues: The clary sage and bergamot balm/whip treats oily or damaged skin by reducing inflammation and blotches, while the lavender and frankincense balm/whip touts antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits. While using a bovine fat product might seem unusual in today’s beauty landscape, Hardin frequently sees onetime skeptics reap the benefits of her creations, which many are likely to continue using, as they say, until the cows come home. 

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