Sarah Rudinoff, Cinderella's New Wicked Stepsister

Seattle singer and actress is playing Prunella, one of two wicked stepsisters (with Nick Garrison) i

BD: What’s the best part about being a wicked stepsister?

Sarah Rudinoff: I get to be wicked with a friend who I have been wicked with in real life! Nick and I have worked with each other in countless plays, cabarets and rock shows, and now we get to be “sisters.” Like a good sister, I get to teach him about girl things like boobs and hips, and he can share his in-depth knowledge about makeup and hair.

What will you be singing?

“The Stepsisters’ Lament” is our big duet in the show [in which] we get to go on about all the things we want to do to this mystery “Cinderella” girl who has captured the prince’s attention. We also get to sing about how lovely and pretty we are.

Who is your muse for this performance?

Kaye Ballard! She originated the Prunella role in the [1957] television version. Kaye is so funny in the part; I am trying not to steal all of her bits. She is still alive and tours cabaret shows, and her autobiography is called How I Lost 10 Pounds in 53 Years, so basically she is my inspiration all around.

What’s different about this staging?

Both our prince and our Cinderella [Brandon O’Neill and Jennifer Paz] are part Filipino, and as a Hawaii native, I am excited to do away with the blond Cinderella thing. I think it will be a very Northwest-feeling production, because we also have an entirely local cast!

Are you rooting for Cinderella or the stepsisters?



SEE IT: 11/25–12/31. Times and prices vary. 5th Avenue Theatre, 1308 Fifth Ave.; 206.625.1900;