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UW Researchers Find a Way to Link Two Brains Together

The power of the human mind makes brain-to-brain communication a possibility

Who would’ve thought that the old parlor game 20 Questions would help researchers link two brains together? University of Washington…

Jennifer McCullum

Sip and Savor at Jude’s Old Town Bar

Jude’s Old Town bar brings a cozy neighborhood feel to Rainier Beach

When you walk into Jude’s Old Town in Rainier Beach, you’ll wish this bar were in your neighborhood. Unless you…

A.J. Rathbun

Cornish Bridges the Gap Between Art and Tech

Cornish College of the Arts adapts programs and facilities to the tech-savvy 21st century

Amid the hustle and bustle of the South Lake Union tech industry, students and staff at Cornish College of the…

Madeline Lootens

Pop! Figures Take the Novelty World By Storm

Seattle-based company, Funko, produces collectibles treasured by kids and grown-ups alike

Walking into Funko’s colorful, 200,000-square-foot warehouse in Everett is like discovering the best-kept secret toy factory in the world. Piled…

Seattle Mag

Are Doughnuts the New Cupcakes?

Local foodies are giving doughnuts their (next) moment in Seattle history

In the kitchen of her Ballard home, Renee Erickson lifts pillowy, freshly fried doughnuts from a pot of boiling oil. She…

Rebekah Denn

Sparkling Wine for Holiday (and Everyday) Celebrations

Paul Zitarelli’s guide to this season's bubbliest companions for entertaining

For most wine lovers, the EF Score for sparkling wine is off the charts. (Never heard of an EF Score?…

Paul Zitarelli